Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY sweater



Supplies needed: cardigan, fabric (this is a great way to use scraps!), fabric marker/crayon, 1 sheet of card stock, scissors, pins, embroidery thread and embroidery needle.

1. Using the fabric marker, mark an X on each sleeve of your cardigan right at the point of your elbow.
2. Cut a heart out of card stock to use as a stencil, making sure it fits perfectly on the sleeves of your cardigan. Resize if necessary.

3. Cut two hearts from fabric, using stencil. 4. Pin a heart to each sleeve of your cardigan, making sure the center of the heart is placed over the X you made earlier. 5. Stitch all the way around the heart with embroidery thread. You could also use a sewing machine! I really wanted a "handmade" look, so I hand stitched mine.

6. Repeat on the other sleeve, and your restyled cardigan is finished

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