Sunday, June 17, 2012


2 Friends & 2 Cities

Father's Day is only a few short days away and I'm on the hunt for a hammock to give to my husband. We have the perfect spot to hang one, between two large fir trees in our backyard, and I know he'd love to have his own space to stretch out and unwind once the summer sunshine finally arrives. It should be nice and peaceful too, only a few feet away from our trampoline, ha ha!

Alexandra Angle
Serena & Lily
Hans Blomquist for H&M Home
Elle Decor. Photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna.
Tropicalia Hanging Nest via Apartment Therapy. Designed by Patricia Urquiola
  • There's something so peaceful about hanging hammocks and chairs, don't you think? Shady afternoons spent swaying in the wind with a good book seems like the ultimate in relaxation...unless you suffer from motion sickness, of course! I have a feeling there may be some serious competition for the "money" spot once our new hammock is strung up! Which style would you choose? My budget is small so odds are pretty good I won't go for the $8500 hanging nest by Patricia Urquiola in the second to last picture! I'm leaning towards something very similar to the one in the second image but preferably with a canvas body....and hopefully some stripes. Wish me luck!

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