Thursday, June 14, 2012

DIY gold toe flats....thank you liz


Two toned gold toe flats have been on my mind lately since I spotted this Jimmy Choo pair, and I thought it would be a really easy DIY to turn any pair of flats into a gold two toned pair for your holiday parties. Or just a trip down the street to the grocery store. Plus, it would nicely hide scuff marks around the toe on an old pair (thanks for that tip, reader Andrea!)
I started with this purple $15 pair from Target. I went the patent leather route because I worried about the texture of spray painted cotton. 
 I tore off a large piece of scrap paper and added a piece of tape at the top
Then I wrapped that tape and paper around the toe, leaving exposed the area I want to be gold. I also added tape around the bottom to protect the sole. I carefully pressed that tape down firmly on the edge to be sure there weren’t any holes where paint could leak through.
Then I sprayed metallic gold spray paint (after opening a few windows). I made sure to be at a decent distance for an even exposure.
After letting it dry for a couple hours, rip off the tape/paper and you’re holiday party ready!
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